An Ohio Call to Arms

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine — a Republican, I should perhaps note — addressed the state on Wednesday evening (yesterday) regarding the situation in Ohio with the pandemic. Like so many states we are headed in the wrong direction, but the situation is not yet irretrievable. Ohio was very successful early on in flattening the curve. With the reopening and folks letting down their guard, the spread is increasing now but not so badly we’ve lost control. DeWine said we have second chance right now — but emphasized we won’t get a third.

These Ohio maps issued by the Ohio Department of Health (ODH) on its Ohio Public Health Advisory System show the increasing viral spread in Ohio. The darker colors are worse, with red signifying Level 3 on a 4-level scale. On the left is the map from July 2nd. On the right is the map today, July 16th. Things are getting worse.

Ohio’s Status on July 2, 2020
Ohio’s Status on July 16, 2020

Governor DeWine issued no new Orders in his address, saying that’s for another day. But he appealed to everyone to take personal responsibility, in particular with wearing masks and social distancing. He emphasized, “Don’t take risks.”

Graphic is a screenshot from WKYC-TV

You can watch Governor DeWine’s full address here. I post all of his press briefings concerning the pandemic in this blog, archived back to late February.

Address starts at 25 seconds into video.

Revised since initial posting to add maps from the Ohio Public Health Advisory System.

Title image is screenshot from WKYC-TV.

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2 thoughts on “An Ohio Call to Arms

  1. Please leave politics out of it.
    Please leave your opinions out of it.
    Regarding science, the value of your and my opinion or even that of a scientist is equal to that of a three year old. Science, like mother nature, is oblivious and unswayed by any opinions.
    Stick to science.
    If you mix science with politics you get politics.

    1. Thanks for jumping in. I agree with you about science. The pandemic is so much more dangerous than it might otherwise be because it’s become so politicized which distorts both the science and our response. My reference to DeWine’s party affiliation was because he largely follows the science, not the politics. It’s refreshing, and living in Ohio I’m grateful.

      We might disagree, but I see the Republican side as most politicizing the issue which is why DeWine stands out. I say this as someone who is not a member or supporter of either party.

      Even if we totally walled off politics from science (a long subject), that will never be possible with opinion. Is this or that study valid? Are the results meaningful? What conclusions should we draw and what action is appropriate based on the findings? The data still leave us to make judgement calls (which are opinions).

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