Speeches by Fidel Castro Responding to 9/11

Official Statement of the Cuban GovernmentIssued September 11, 2001 During a speech delivered on September 11, 2001, Cuban President Fidel Castro read an official Cuban government statement issued in response to the terrorist attacks that day against the United States: The Government of the Republic of Cuba has learned with grief and sadness of the violent surprise attacks carried out this morning against civilian and … Continue reading Speeches by Fidel Castro Responding to 9/11

Cuba Marks Two 60th Anniversaries

Title image taken on April 19, 1961, shows the Cuban Revolutionary Armed Forces supported by T-34 tanks in counterattack against CIA-trained mercenary troops near Playa Girón during the Bay of Pigs invasion. (Photo: Rumlin) 1. The Bay of Pigs Invasion This past week marked 60 years since a decisive battle took place in Cuba that resonates to this day. Determined to overthrow the popular democratic … Continue reading Cuba Marks Two 60th Anniversaries

Cuba’s Odd ‘Dictatorship’

I hadn’t planned another post on Cuba after marking the revolution’s 60th anniversary on Friday. Then today I came upon a column in the New York Times that begged for comment. Jon Lee Anderson writes in “Cuba’s Next Transformation” about a nationwide referendum to be held next month in Cuba to adopt a new national Constitution. The underlying assumption throughout Anderson’s article is that Cuba is … Continue reading Cuba’s Odd ‘Dictatorship’

The Cuban Revolution: 60 Years & Counting

The first week of 2019 is drawing to a close. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention a huge milestone this week. New Years Day marked the 60th anniversary of the Cuban Revolution. It’s still going strong despite many challenges, including the 56-year embargo. You have to know that Cuba’s tenacity just rankles the U.S. Ruling Class! This is a report aired this week … Continue reading The Cuban Revolution: 60 Years & Counting

Fidel Castro & The Cuban Revolution

◻︎ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED: SATURDAY, DECEMBER 31, 2016 This post from my old blog marked the death of Fidel Castro Ruz. Fidel was the central leader of Cuba’s 1959 revolution against US-backed dictator Furgencio Batista. Fidel served as Prime Minister (1959-1976) and President (1976-2008). This time of year is filled with tradition: Christmas cookies, mistletoe, Times Square and champaign. As 2016 winds down there’s also the annual … Continue reading Fidel Castro & The Cuban Revolution