Arc: The Web Browser Reinvented

Statista estimates that 93% of the U.S. population uses the Internet. It stands to reason this 93% is also using a web browser frequently or exclusively for their online activity. How could they not? There are some 25 or more browsers out there, but I think its safe to assume the vast majority are using Chrome, Firefox or Safari. Probably everyone has a favorite browser, … Continue reading Arc: The Web Browser Reinvented

HEY… It’s Not Your Father’s Email

Email is indispensable in modern life… and inescapable… and the bane of existence for many of us. There’s way too much of it, especially on our jobs. Before retiring I got over 400 emails a week at the office. Some people get that many in a day! Home is no escape either. I use email extensively with family, friends, political and volunteer activities, my blog, … Continue reading HEY… It’s Not Your Father’s Email

Goodbye, Twitter! Hello, Mastodon!

Note to personal friends… If we obviously know each other and you want to join Mastodon, contact me privately by email or Facebook Messenger. I will send you an invitation link to join my server at Mastodon, which will simplify the process and leapfrog you through sign-up. Read below & you’ll understand. Elon Musk has wrecked Twitter since he bought it in October for that … Continue reading Goodbye, Twitter! Hello, Mastodon!