Exercising the Gratitude Muscle

Some time ago I started keeping a Gratitude Journal. My intent was to pay attention to the good things and be happier. I do everything electronically so I installed the Thankful app on my iPhone. There are other apps, or I could have used a note pad or paper journal. Even a matchbook. The medium doesn’t matter. Anything will do! After the first few days … Continue reading Exercising the Gratitude Muscle

My Cancer Journey Post-Radiation: A Happy Ending?

This post from February 24 is revised to include an Addendum following my first post-radiation blood test and exam on March 18. The results are very promising as you’ll see at the end here. This afternoon I completed my 45-day regimen of daily external beam radiation treatments for prostate cancer. Amazingly, most of the side effects I was led to expect have never appeared, or … Continue reading My Cancer Journey Post-Radiation: A Happy Ending?

Life as a Succession of Moments

I woke up this morning in a reflective mood — a good mood. As I was journaling this morning a theme emerged. Like most everyone, I think, I have my share of regrets and disappointments: Things in life I wish hadn’t happened. Things I wish had happened. Things I did or said. Things I didn’t do or say. People who hurt me. People who I’ve … Continue reading Life as a Succession of Moments

Getting Centered

It’s Day 16 in my radiation regime. I’m a third of the way through. The daily routine is a bit tedious but the treatments are short and painless, and the side effects thus far have been minimal. The doctors and nurses have given me tips on handling them and for the most part I feel excellent. So physically I’m OK but my head isn’t quite … Continue reading Getting Centered

Blessings & Gratitude on Christmas Day

Gratitude lifts our eyes off the things we lack so we might see the blessings we possess. Max Lucado Christmas is a special time. People’s traditions vary but for many it’s a time of family and friendships, gifts and celebration and worship. For many it’s also a time to take stock and enjoy a moment of gratitude when they “count their blessings instead of sheep.” … Continue reading Blessings & Gratitude on Christmas Day

My Cancer Jouney Has Begun

Well I’m finally off on my journey. The train has left the station. Getting to this point required that I research this strange land, learn the language, plan my route and book my tickets. As I write this I’ve finished the first week. I started radiation last Monday and will continue every weekday afternoon for 9 weeks. As I wrote here in October announcing my … Continue reading My Cancer Jouney Has Begun

Mindfulness, Happiness & ‘RAIN’

“Don’t fret. Everything’s going to be OK.” That’s a helpful advice for someone, isn’t it? Yeah, sometimes. But sometimes not. I read a commentary last week in the Wall Street Journal about “toxic positivity.” Elizabeth Bernstein wrote that “forcing ourselves or others to always be positive can be harmful to our well-being and our relationships.” She says that sometimes the worst thing you can say … Continue reading Mindfulness, Happiness & ‘RAIN’

When Life Gives You Lemons… My Journey Meets Cancer

My diagnosis came on September 1st: Stage 2 Prostate Cancer. Before I go any further, let me assure friends and extended family hearing for the first time that I’m in no immediate danger. To the best of our knowledge the cancer is contained and has not spread. Doctors believe we’ve found it early enough that my prognosis is excellent and I’ll likely be around to … Continue reading When Life Gives You Lemons… My Journey Meets Cancer

All I Needed was a Hole in My Head

◻︎ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED: THURSDAY, DECEMBER 8, 2016 No, I’m not a walker. I don’t need that kind of hole in the head. But, actually, come to think of it, I should probably ask Carl Grimes if he’ll give me his hat!  This summer David and I visited my brother John in Michigan to escape the Republican Convention here in Cleveland. Wise choice. Not because things went wrong here … Continue reading All I Needed was a Hole in My Head