‘Love, Victor’ on Hulu

A new exclusive Hulu series came online a month ago based on the groundbreaking 2018 film, Love, Simon — the first feature film by a major studio with a gay lead. The film followed teenager Simon Spier (Nick Robinson) as he struggled with coming out to his family and community at Creekwood High School in Atlanta. By now you’ve hopefully seen the film — but if not stop reading because I’m about to spoil it.

OK. Are they gone? … Simon’s struggle culminated with a happy ending on a long ferris wheel ride after which his love story became school legend.

In the new Hulu series — Love, Victor — it’s been a few years since Simon graduated and now we follow Victor Salazar (Michael Cimino) as he starts at Creekwood High School after his family has moved to Georgia from Texas. Victor is struggling with his own homosexuality. Having heard of Simon, Victor contacts him by email who then counsels Victor as he makes his way through self-discovery.

Benji, Victor’s heartthrob.

The show’s entire Season 1 is online now and available to binge. There are 10 episodes. I’ve been finishing up is Star Trek: Picard so at this writing I’ve only watched through Episode 4. I don’t know yet how the story turns out though I’ve heard reference to season finale cliffhanger.

Nick Robinson who played Simon is an Executive Producer/Producer of the series and also appears throughout. Mostly we just hear his voice as Victor reads his emails, but then Victor visits Simon in New York in Episode 8.

This is Hulu’s trailer for the series.

Victor needs money to join the basketball team and so he applies for a job at the local coffeeshop. Turns out it’s co-managed by Benji, the guy Victor is crushing on. Of course things get awkward!

If you’re interested, you’ll find more about Love, Simon on my website. I’ve got the movie trailer, an extended clip, cast interviews and information about how you can view the film. I highly recommend watching it first before looking at the new Hulu series. The show is great all by itself, but the movie gives it context and makes it richer.


Title image and Benji photo are screen shots from Hulu’s trailer for the series.

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