The Proven Power of Labor

◼︎WORKING-CLASS POLITICS I recently stumbled upon some videos on YouTube so timely and important I decided to share them here. They present compelling lessons about power of labor, something that might strike some as an oxymoron. Labor? Powerful? It is not a crisis of the capacity of workers to struggle. It is a crisis of … Continue reading The Proven Power of Labor

So Much Drama, So Little Change. Time for a Labor Party

◼︎WORKING-CLASS POLITICS A violent mob invades the U.S. Capitol leaving people dead and wounded. The House votes an historic second impeachment. A raucous, divisive presidency ends. Pandemic deaths reach 400,000 while vaccinations sputter. 27.5 million have no health insurance. 12.6 million are unemployed, with millions more bureaucratically excluded from this official count. Over half a … Continue reading So Much Drama, So Little Change. Time for a Labor Party

The Strength & Impact of Peaceful Mass Action

◼︎WORKING-CLASS POLITICS◼︎BLACK LIVES MATTER Ten days ago, on May 25, George Floyd was murdered by Minneapolis Police officers. This has been a watershed event, rocking the country to its core and even the world. Peaceful protests here and intentionally continue to this day. There has been considerable rioting as well in cities big and small. … Continue reading The Strength & Impact of Peaceful Mass Action

Why ‘Black Lives Matter’

◼︎BLACK LIVES MATTER This morning I posted the image above from Teaching for Change as my cover photo on Facebook, and within a few minutes this exchange occurred: It's a fair observation that "All lives matter." They do. You, me... all our lives matter. So why the emphasis on 'Black Lives Matter'? I'd like to … Continue reading Why ‘Black Lives Matter’

The Riot Before Stonewall

◼︎LGBT RIGHTS:◻︎LGBT HISTORY IN VIDEO This month we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the June 1969 Stonewall Riots in Greenwich Village. As well we should! Those few nights were the birth of the modern gay liberation movement which has brought us to where we are today. But it wasn't the first gay riot. Three years … Continue reading The Riot Before Stonewall

A Teaching Moment

There's a teaching moment in all the uproar over events at the Lincoln Memorial a week ago Friday. But what is it? The privilege and racism of white suburban Catholic boys? Trump-inspired disrespect of Native Americans and indigenous cultures? Confrontation and suppression of Free Speech? The polarization of politics? The power and danger of social … Continue reading A Teaching Moment

Thou Shalt Not Love

◼︎LGBT RIGHTS Prejudice and bigotry against peoples of color, Jews, immigrants and others is rooted in class society where the ruling class needs to keep the working class divided against itself. The idea is divide and conquer, basically, so that workers will see each other as the problem and not the system. Anti-gay prejudice has … Continue reading Thou Shalt Not Love