What Would You Do?

In 2007 the television program What Would You Do? debuted on ABC. Blending reality TV with Candid Camera, the show uses actors to stage disturbing situations in restaurants and other public places. Hidden cameras film as bystanders react, unaware they’re watching actors not real people. The idea is to see how these bystanders deal with the situations and if they’ll intervene or help in some way.

Source: ABC-TV

The show has staged numerous segments involving LGBT situations. These are a few. What would you do?

Waitress Shames Lesbian Parents
Baker Refuses to Sell Wedding Cake
Waitress Berates Gay Soldier
Boys Threaten to Out their Gay Friend
Lesbians Harassed by Sales Clerk in Store
Asian Youth Comes Out to Disapproving Parents
Parents Attempt to ‘Pray the Gay Away’
Parents Disapprove of Daughter’s Planned Gay Wedding
Hispanic Youth Comes Out to Disapproving Father
Sales Clerk Refuses Service to Transgender Woman
Friends Bully Former Classmate, now a Transgender Man

The show airs Tuesdays at 10/9 Central on ABC. You can stream episodes at ABC.com.

Title image is screens grab from ABC’s What Would You Do?

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