Feeling Grateful on this Thanksgiving Day

The death and suffering of war in the Middle East and Ukraine; devastating earthquakes like Turkey’s 7.8 in February; whole communities leveled by tornados; ravaging floods in Greece, Libya and here in the United States; droughts and famine like in the Horn of Africa; wildfires across the U.S., Canada and Europe; poverty and homelessness right here in our backyards; rising hatred and violence against Jews, … Continue reading Feeling Grateful on this Thanksgiving Day

Israel and Ukraine Are Both Vital Concerns

A few weeks ago I republished articles from the Militant newspaper concerning the October 7th attack by Hamas terrorists against Israel — and by extension against Jewish people everywhere in the world. I want to also republish this latest article in particular because it calls attention back to Ukraine. The war in Ukraine mustn’t be overshadowed by events in the Middle East. Both are of vital importance. As I … Continue reading Israel and Ukraine Are Both Vital Concerns

The Mythical Land of Deep State

Donald Trump pledged to “drain the swamp” when he took office in 2017. Steve Bannon went further, calling for “deconstruction of the administrative state” itself with aims to “destroy all of today’s establishment.” Trump, Bannon and their followers believe that American society is controlled by the “Deep State,” an evil conspiratorial cabal. A vast army of conspirators embedded throughout the federal bureaucracy and judiciary is … Continue reading The Mythical Land of Deep State

Hamas. Israel. It’s Complicated.

Preface Followers of this blog probably know that I effectively broke with the U.S. Socialist Workers Party (SWP) after almost 50 years supporting it and working with it. I took this action over disagreement on a few specific issues. These disagreements are strong and heartfelt, but narrow. I still broadly agree with the SWP on many others. With respect to international politics, I consider the … Continue reading Hamas. Israel. It’s Complicated.

The Not-So-Slow Creep of Bigotry

Ron DeSantis’ infamous “Don’t Say Gay” law was initially aimed at young elementary school children whose tender ears were deemed too sensitive to be told their classmate Johnnie has two mommies or two daddies. The law covered K-3. It wasn’t long before DeSantis decided that even 12th graders are too young. From there DeSantis aimed his sights on state universities, banning diversity programs on the … Continue reading The Not-So-Slow Creep of Bigotry

A Living History of the Great Wall

Frequent visitors to this blog and my website are likely aware that my grandfather, Dr. William Edgar Geil, was the first person ever documented to have walked the entire length of the Great Wall of China. He did this in 1908. After writing books and touring the world with stories of this and other adventures, my grandfather fell into obscurity. He died in 1925 after … Continue reading A Living History of the Great Wall

The Gift of Turning 70

Old friends invited my husband and me to dinner last weekend. The weather was delightful after the storms, heat and humidity of recent days. We shared stories of old times and people, which doesn’t always come easily anymore. What was his name?… I think it was 1975? 1976?… That was before, no wait, it was after… I turned 70 in June. I’m the oldest among … Continue reading The Gift of Turning 70

Arc: The Web Browser Reinvented

Statista estimates that 93% of the U.S. population uses the Internet. It stands to reason this 93% is also using a web browser frequently or exclusively for their online activity. How could they not? There are some 25 or more browsers out there, but I think its safe to assume the vast majority are using Chrome, Firefox or Safari. Probably everyone has a favorite browser, … Continue reading Arc: The Web Browser Reinvented

HEY… It’s Not Your Father’s Email

Email is indispensable in modern life… and inescapable… and the bane of existence for many of us. There’s way too much of it, especially on our jobs. Before retiring I got over 400 emails a week at the office. Some people get that many in a day! Home is no escape either. I use email extensively with family, friends, political and volunteer activities, my blog, … Continue reading HEY… It’s Not Your Father’s Email