What’s Happened to Concerts?

As of this writing, nine people are dead from the November 5th “Houston Stampede” with many more injured including a 9-year-old boy now in a medically-induced coma. This isn’t a total surprise. Rapper Travis Scott has a reputation and past convictions for encouraging this kind of thing. He’s reportedly even celebrated people getting … Continue reading What’s Happened to Concerts?

The Trashing of Cleveland’s Public Square

Public Square in Cleveland, Ohio, sits just below Terminal Tower, home of the old Cleveland Union Terminal that served the New York Central, Baltimore & Ohio, and other railroads during the city’s heyday. It occupies 10 acres, and until recently it was divided into 4 quadrants separated by Superior Avenue and Ontario Street — both major 6-lane thoroughfares carrying cars and buses. In small towns … Continue reading The Trashing of Cleveland’s Public Square

Season of Faith & Celebration

Merry Christmas! to my Christian friends and those who follow Santa. Happy Holidays! to everyone else. The greeting “Happy Holidays,” as cheerful and simple as it is, has stirred impassioned controversy — despite the fact there’s also New Years Day too, a whole second holiday. It seems appropriate to wish happiness on both holidays, right? Of course, that’s not the issue. It seems to bother … Continue reading Season of Faith & Celebration

A Friend Wrote…

I’m inspired to share this post that a friend placed on Facebook this week. Exhibit A: Trump lectures Elijah Cummings on the fact that the Democratic Party machine in Baltimore has been stealing, double-dipping and wasting federal aid for decades, which any worker, especially any worker who is Black, would nod their head up and down in recognition of the obvious fact. And that the … Continue reading A Friend Wrote…