Life as a Succession of Moments

◼︎MY PERSONAL JOURNEY◻︎CANCER◼︎MIND, BODY & SOUL I woke up this morning in a reflective mood — a good mood. As I was journaling this morning a theme emerged. Like most everyone, I think, I have my share of regrets and disappointments: Things in life I wish hadn't happened. Things I wish had happened. Things I … Continue reading Life as a Succession of Moments

Getting Centered

◼︎MY PERSONAL JOURNEY◻︎CANCER◼︎MIND, BODY & SOUL It's Day 16 in my radiation regime. I'm a third of the way through. The daily routine is a bit tedious but the treatments are short and painless, and the side effects thus far have been minimal. The doctors and nurses have given me tips on handling them and … Continue reading Getting Centered

Blessings & Gratitude on Christmas Day

◼︎MY PERSONAL JOURNEY◻︎CANCER◼︎MIND, BODY & SOUL Gratitude lifts our eyes off the things we lack so we might see the blessings we possess.- Max Lucado Christmas is a special time. People's traditions vary but for many it's a time of family and friendships, gifts and celebration and worship. For many it's also a time to … Continue reading Blessings & Gratitude on Christmas Day

My Cancer Jouney Has Begun

◼︎MY PERSONAL JOURNEY◻︎CANCER◼︎MIND, BODY & SOUL Well I'm finally off on my journey. The train has left the station. Getting to this point required that I research this strange land, learn the language, plan my route and book my tickets. As I write this I've finished the first week. I started radiation last Monday and … Continue reading My Cancer Jouney Has Begun

Mindfulness, Happiness & ‘RAIN’

◼︎MY PERSONAL JOURNEY◻︎CANCER◼︎MIND, BODY & SOUL "Don't fret. Everything's going to be OK." That's a helpful advice for someone, isn't it? Yeah, sometimes. But sometimes not. I read a commentary last week in the Wall Street Journal about "toxic positivity." Elizabeth Bernstein wrote that "forcing ourselves or others to always be positive can be harmful … Continue reading Mindfulness, Happiness & ‘RAIN’

Escaping the Emotional Rabbit Hole

I came across this excellent post today at ‘Pointless Overthinking,’ a great blog at WordPress where this blog also resides. I believe the article here speaks to a lot people's experience. It certainly speaks to me! I hope you'll find it helpful. "The Parable of the Second Arrow According to the Buddha, any time we suffer misfortune, two arrows fly … Continue reading Escaping the Emotional Rabbit Hole

Carl Sagan on Mindfulness & Gratitude

◼︎MIND, BODY & SOUL Carl Sagan, the preeminent scientist behind the landmark PBS Cosmos series that aired in 1980, was interviewed by Charlie Rose a few months before his death in 1996. I watched it on YouTube over the weekend. It was his last TV interview. Sagan died of complications from myelodysplasia. He was promoting … Continue reading Carl Sagan on Mindfulness & Gratitude