Capt. Kirk’s Son Comes Out

Today I’m featuring another of the short and independent gay films that I’ve assembled on my website. This film isn’t actually that short — it runs 90 minutes — but if you’re a Star Trek fan I think you’ll find it’s a real treat!

The film was produced as part of the Star Trek: New Voyages and Star Trek: Phase II series. There are fan films produced and distributed with the blessings of Paramount Pictures and CBS as long as there’s no charge and no profit (none here!). The production quality is astoundingly good when you consider the actors are amateurs and, according to Wikipedia, that the films were produced in a former car dealership and a former Family Dollar store in New York state. The fan series started in 2004 with new films released about once a year. The project has received support from Star Trek alumni including George Takei, Walter Koenig, Majel Barrett and Denise Crosby. Each appeared in some of the films.

According to Wikipedia, this episode — “Blood and Fire” — was originally commissioned and written by David Gerrold for TV’s Star Trek: Next Generation. It would have featured the first gay couple in the Star Trek franchise. It was never approved for production, however, so the script was adapted with Gerrold’s permission for the fan series. It takes place on the original Enterprise, NCC-1701.

In “Blood and Fire,” Captain Kirk’s nephew is gay and assigned to serve on the Enterprise — and that’s all I’ll say. For the rest you’ll have to watch.

Title image is a screen shot from the film.

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