Birthday Blessings

Facebook counted 40 people posting Birthday greetings to me today. I appreciate every one very much. There was also a ring at the door upon which I found these flowers delivered from my husband, David. Another ring at the door later was Doug, one of my dearest friends going back 45 years. He stopped by to wish Happy Birthday.

A little before 10 p.m. I was surprised to receive a call from David’s mother. At the late hour, I was afraid maybe something was wrong but she was calling to wish me Happy Birthday. She’s my second Mom, in her 90s now still living independently. I love her.

There were Birthday posts and texts from my brothers and sister. Birthday cards in the mail. A few gift cards. All wonderful.

Then there were the neighbors, last night and today. A storm came through last night and we lost power a little after 7 p.m. Oddly everyone on three sides had power. We were the first house in a stretch of homes that went dark. It ended up being 18 hours before the electricity came back on.

Matt & Carol on one side offered to go buy us groceries, but luckily we’d managed to save our food. Thad & Colleen on the other side had let us run a cord from their garage to power our refrigerator. James & Colleen across the street offered us a power pack to recharge our many devices.

All this in just 36 hours! There is so much bad going on with the virus and George Floyd, combined with the usual stress of work and all, it’s easy to lose sight of the good things and the blessings of life. Top among all these are good people, and I’m full of gratitude tonight at knowing so many!

Of all these people, a special shout out goes to my husband, David. Along with the flowers today he cooked my favorite dinner, after which we took a pleasant evening walk through the neighborhood.

But today is just one moment in time. There’s so much more. Everywhere I look around this house, every nook and cranny, reflects him, his attention to the smallest details, and his love.

This tiny little thing, a miniature depiction of a cat done by an artist friend, barely 2½ inches, sits on the kitchen window sill. It’s a small thing, one of many, a small touch, but very big in my mind.

David is particularly proud of the yard and his gardens. He labors for hours out there — without too much help, I’m afraid, because that kind of work just isn’t my thing, though I do pitch in from time to time.

The results of his work are magnificent and tie everything together making this a wonderful home. None of the things he does go unnoticed, and I appreciate all of it. I am grateful for him everyday.

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  1. Happy Birthday from Florida – the state of humidity and stupidity. Tell David his garden work is outstanding!

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