Two-Minute Tips for Turbulent Times

I needed this! I’m overwhelmed these days with the pressures of work. I was cleaning out my personal email this afternoon and stumbled upon the latest edition of David Allen’s Productive Living Newsletter. It pointed to a series of quick videos offering very helpful and grounding advice under the title Two-Minute Tips for Turbulent Times.

Yesterday I talked about meditation as a way of Finding Peace in Difficult Times. This post tonight offers a different but complimentary path.

For years I’ve been an imperfect follower and advocate of David Allen’s Getting Things Done (also known as “GTD”), a methodology for personal productivity. I think most everyone will find these quick videos helpful even if you’ve never before heard of GTD.

Current Reality: How Do I Feel?
Fix or Finish Something Simple
One Bad Apple Can Spoil the Barrel
Rearrange a Space
Catch Up
Catch Up Your Communications with People
What Does the Still Small Voice Tell You To Do?
The Night Before
Worst Case Scenario Building

I hope you found these videos helpful. You can find these selections and others on YouTube.

Please Note: I, Bob Laycock, am not licensed, certified, approved, endorsed by or otherwise affiliated with David Allen or the David Allen Company which is the creator of the Getting Things Done® system for personal productivity. GTD® and Getting Things Done® are registered trademarks of the David Allen Company. For more information on the David Allen Company’s products, please visit their website.

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