“Right in the Darkness is Profound Light”

A lot of people these days are struggling in a lot of ways. Fear and worry top the list in “these uncertain times,” as the pandemic is often called now. With so many affected in so many different ways, and to different degrees, the feelings experienced cover the spectrum.

There’s a unique aspect to this experience — well, one of many! — and that’s the lack of distraction to avoid these feelings. Lots of people have lots of time to think and think and think. That offers up a lot of rabbit holes!

“Even within the seemingly most unacceptable and painful situation is concealed a deeper good, and within every disaster is contained the seed of grace.” – Eckhart Tolle

This terrible, difficult and dangerous time offers us good along with the bad. A lot of families, for instance, have an unprecedented opportunity to be close and bond in a way that would never have happened otherwise. That is, unless they kill each other!

It also offers us a chance to be with ourselves, our thoughts and feelings, in a way we probably haven’t had time to be — and haven’t been forced to be! It’s an opportunity that can be put to good use, first in managing our emotions right now and, even better, transforming the rest of our lives after the crisis passes. 

Gelong Thubten

I’d like to introduce you today to Gelong Thubten, a former British actor now Buddhist monk and meditation teacher. He’s really good. Although a Buddhist, he doesn’t proselytize. His mission is not religious, though I think he’d say it’s spiritual. His mission is teaching meditation, usually to secular audiences at conferences, businesses and corporations like Google.

He came to meditation after struggling deeply with depression and anxiety. His story and approach brings meditation down to earth and makes it accessible regardless of one’s religious views, gender, age, class or anything.

You’ll see more of Gelong here in coming posts, but today I offer this introduction.

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