Arc: The Web Browser Reinvented

Statista estimates that 93% of the U.S. population uses the Internet. It stands to reason this 93% is also using a web browser frequently or exclusively for their online activity. How could they not?

There are some 25 or more browsers out there, but I think its safe to assume the vast majority are using Chrome, Firefox or Safari.

Results of Google search for browsers

Probably everyone has a favorite browser, one that they prefer to use most often. While each of these Big 3 browsers has some feature or feel that their users like, there is really very little substantive difference between them. They all look and work substantially the same. Any differences in their UI (user interface) are largely just aesthetic.

And Then Came Arc

Arc is a completely new vision of what a web browser can be, and it’s free. The beta was launched in April 2022 and until this past week it was only available by invitation, a common practice when software is being developed for the first time. Arc is now available for immediate download by anyone using Mac or iOS (more below). Windows and Android versions are promised.

I received an invitation and have been using Arc about two months. I love it! It is so much more than just a browser. More and more I’m using as a project management hub.

A Few Basics

One big change in Arc is that everything is removed from the top and placed in a sidebar instead. The sidebar can toggled on & off, allowing you to view the web without distraction.

You can have separate independent sidebars for different Areas of Focus — which Arc calls Spaces. You can create a Space or Area of Focus for anything you want. Below is a screenshot of my “Social Media” Space or Area of Focus. I have buttons at the top for my most-used websites related to my social media. Below that are folders I’ve created for bookmarks and notes of different kinds. At the bottom are icons I can click to navigate to my other Spaces or Areas of Focus.

Arc doesn’t only keep “bookmarks” for various websites, it allows you to create Easels and Notes. Easels are wonderful!

Easels allow me to capture screenshots — but just not any old screenshot. Let’s say I’m looking at Amazon to find a new table lamp for my living room. I can collect images of lamps I might possibly want to consider.

After I collect some candidates I can look at them together on the easel. If I want to read more about one of the lamps or I’ve decided I want to buy, the screenshot contains a link that will return me back to the page for that lamp.

This is just a quick sampling of what is possible with this new Arc browser. Check out these two videos for more.

How to Get Arc

Arc for Mac is available for download directly from the Browser Company. It’s free. Click here. Arc for iOS is available in the App Store. Windows and Android are not yet available but are under development.


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