Remember When Cars Were Cars?

David and I attended the 63rd Annual Ohio Regional CCCA Fathers Day Car Show Sunday afternoon at Stan Hywet Hall and Gardens in Akron. It’s always fun and brings back memories of days past when I could tell you every make and model. I’ve long since forgotten this information. If I was a kid today I don’t think I could do it with modern cars. They all look the same now! Boring!

These are my pictures from the show. There were a lot of cars! For the most part I can’t tell you make and model, but feel free to add information and remembrances at the end.

This year I took particular interest in hood ornaments. (Click to expand the images if you want.)

My brother thought one of the ornaments looked somewhat familiar!

These are other pictures from the show. I’ve added dividers at points to group a specific car or a cluster of similar cars. I start with a 1959 Buick from back in the age of fins. My brothers would have to confirm, but I seem to recall my parents had this car in black.

Dig the spare tire!

This picture is for friends Chris & Joe!

Ah, the Ford Falcon! Our neighbors in Shaker Heights had one.

This car reminds me of a bulldog.

No car show would be complete without the Edsel!

I always liked the Ford Fairlane.

The Corvair — “unsafe at any speed” according to Ralph Nader. My friend Bruce Heath never forgave Nader.

1956 Porsche


And there were pickup trucks.

There was an old fire engine…
…just perfect for a selfie.

And, finally, an old 1954 ambulance.

Title image is a Buick ad published in the January 20, 1958, issue of Life Magazine.

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  1. Bob, on the Buick, you’re right. Black convertible with red leather interior. John and I took it on my college visitation trip around New England. Brad

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