Life is a Walk in the Park


Yours truly on the left, David right.

Sunny walkable days are in dwindling supply with November now arrived. Today is blustery with a first snow predicted — and realized. Yesterday was bright and beautiful, so David and I spent some time in Cleveland Metroparks’ Rocky River Reservation. It was brisk but sunny and gorgeous, all the better when cooped up at home so much this year with the pandemic. We drove and also walked, enjoying the Fall color. Delightful!

We don’t often take selfies but David did a great job! Our Transitions™ Lenses give us something of a Blues Brothers’ air.

Several clips driving along Valley Parkway.
We’ve had a lot of rain this week. The standing water made for good photo effects.
The path we were walking comes up along side the Rocky River.
Walking back to our car.
Quoting the park’s website:
“Born in 1835, Washington S. Tyler was one of Cleveland’s most successful businessmen and founder of the Tyler Company, a pioneer in the introduction of wire specialties. Tyler Barn was part of the family summer residence, known as Woodside, a country estate overlooking the Rocky River Valley. In 1921, a 75-acre parcel was donated to Cleveland Metroparks to help establish the Park District.”

24 Hours Later…

What a difference a day makes! As I finish this post almost exactly 24 hours after enjoying the park, our first snow of the season is falling in the backyard.

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