So Now the Family Knows

Today Gay Video of the Week continues with a month-long celebration of coming out. October 11 was “National Coming Out Day.” Last week I featured videos that LGBT people have recorded to document their Big Reveal, the moment they came out one or both parents, siblings and important close friends. You can go back and watch them.

The videos last week showed the immediate reactions — but what about later? What happens when the surprise or shock fades, and/or the reality sinks in? The thing about coming out is that we have struggled, processed and resolved our issues before we make the announcement. Sometimes for years! The people we tell have to react in the moment. They don’t the luxury, usually, of suspecting or being aware ahead of time. We’re exposing our deepest secret and feeling vulnerable; they’re feeling broadsided.

Today’s videos look at family relationships later on after the son, daughter or friend has come out. The first two are people we watch come out in my post last week.

Daniel Katsoulis

Last week we watched Daniel Katsoulis place a call to his mother to announce he’s gay. She was driving and pulled over so they could talk.

Later on they recored a follow-up below.

Rhodes Twins

Last week we also watched the Rhodes Twins, well-known vloggers on YouTube, as they called their Dad to drop a kind of double-whammy: both of them are gay!

Their follow-up video is far from ordinary. The twins and their dad were guests with Ellen Degenrous just a week later.

Riyadh Khalaf

This video from the United Kingdom is painful and raw as Riyadh Khalaf’s father makes a startling confession on camera. He had considered suicide after his son came out. Neither his wife or Riyadh had known this.

Southern Baptist Father Supports His Son

Matthew Lynn’s father is a Southern Baptist deacon. Speaking at an LGBT fundraising event he talked about his journey to acceptance and unconditional love.

A Father’s Wedding Toast

This is a favorite of mine! When Kris Longwell and Wesley Loon got married in July 2014, Kris’ father delivered this toast that that’s now approaching 2 million views on YouTube.

All Our Kids Are Gay

Finally, Justin Friesen of the Queer Network posted a 3-part video series with his parents entitled “All Our Kids Are Gay” — since Justin and all his siblings are gay. They cover a wide range of topics and issues.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Title image by Free-Photos from Pixabay.

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