Our Cabin Vacation

Like most everyone, David and I have inhabited the same four walls since March. This past week we escaped to another set of walls for a short 3-day mini-vacation. It was delightful!

We drove two hours south to the Hickory Creek Cabin in Lexington, Ohio. It’s a small cabin tucked away in a patch of woods, surrounded by corn fields. It was delightfully quiet and comfortable. We took a few day trips to explore the Lexington and Mansfield areas. We browsed through several antique shops and discovered a carousel in Mansfield, otherwise we stayed close to home base. We cooked all our meals at the cabin since we aren’t going to restaurants these days.

The owner stocked the cabin with virtually every amenity and convenience imaginable. Among the activities and distractions she provided was an adult coloring book and wide selection of colored pencils. I think David discovered a new passion as he spent an hour or two each day coloring. I was impressed with his work — and kicking myself for not remembering to photograph some of it.

On our last night we built a fire out back, ate dinner, talked, drank wine, and enjoyed the crickets.

David discovered adult coloring on this trip. He’s great! I’m sorry I didn’t capture a few to show here.

Evenings were very pleasant. David and I went out to walk where I took a really cool picture of our shadows walking away from the cabin. Most exciting, I was able to capture Jupiter and Saturn even with my iPhone. (Takes me back to my youth when I’d sit up half the night with my telescope. Such a thrill it was seeing Saturn’s rings and about 4 of Jupiter’s 79 moons! In searching this citation for Jupiter I discovered that Earth actually has 3 moons! I never knew.)

On Wednesday we headed out to shop antique stores, a pastime I always enjoy. David bought some things, but I only window shopped. I particularly liked a collection of old political buttons in one store. (I don’t remember that guy Reinecke. Do you?)

In Mansfield we found a great carousel. You don’t see these often anymore. Not many were riding given the weekday and possibly the pandemic, but it was fun to stop and watch a while.

So this was our cabin vacation. David has emerged as the concierge in our household, and once again he hit a home run! This cabin was a great place for close and quick getaway, especially in “these uncertain times.” I wouldn’t hesitate to go back, and recommend it to all.

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3 thoughts on “Our Cabin Vacation

      1. I LOVE the pictures of Dave coloring. Steve used to do this as well. The pic at the picnic table looks SO much like how Steve would color. Great memories!!! So glad you both were able to take a mini-vacation!

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