Sweden’s Strategy: No Lockdown

Sweden’s approach to handling the Coronavirus crisis is almost 180° opposite of virtually the entire rest of the world. There are some similarities to world practices. Social distancing is recommended (but not mandated) and homes for the elderly don’t allow visitors. There’s also greater distancing in restaurants, but otherwise life in Sweden is pretty close to what it was before.

Will it work? Johan Giesecke, Chief Scientist at the European Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (ECDC), thinks it will. At the moment Sweden has nearly 10 times as many deaths as its neighbors, but Giesecke believes Sweden will eventually come out even with other countries after we all lift our lockdowns. At that point the virus will proceed forward when its lockdown hiatus has ended. And, he says, Sweden’s economy will emerge in better shape than in those countries that shut down.

Interesting. Here are reports and interviews to consider.

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