Drone Flight Over the Great Wall


If you haven’t checked out my website section on William Edgar Geil & the Great Wall of China, I hope you will. It’s an astounding story. In that section of the website I talk about William Lindesay, a British native now living in China who has devoted his life to the Great Wall of China — it’s history and it’s future. 

And now his whole family is dedicate to this same cause — his wife Wu Qi and sons James and Thomas.

Left to right: William Lindesay, Wu Qi, Thomas and James.

In 1908 my grandfather, William Edgar Geil, an American missionary and explorer, walked the entire length of the Great Wall. William Lindesay did the same in 1987, retracing my grandfather’s steps before he knew of grandfather. Later, after learning of Dr. Geil, William set out to compare the Great Wall in photographs from 1908 and now, showing how it’s changed. William has become a powerful teacher and guardian of the Great Wall. It’s like an invisible baton was passed from one William to the other. It’s all documented here on this website with videos and links to many resources where you can learn more.

In 2016 William and his family retraced his 1987 trek along the length of the Great Wall. They documented the journey with spectacular HD video shot from a drone piloted by James and Thomas. This video will be used in an upcoming television documentary.

The BBC has reported on this and posted a clip of the aerial footage shot with the drone. Please check it out and stay tuned for more news on the documentary and other developments.

Title image is by Siggy Nowak from Pixabay.
All other images are courtesy of William Lindesay.

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