An Oscar Near-Miss: Short Film with a Giant Heart

◼︎MIND, BODY & SOUL I had hoped tonight to be celebrating the victory of a favorite film, Oscar-nominated for Best Live Action Short. Unfortunately it was beat out another nominee, but the film is still a winner. I watch a lot of short films. Two months ago I included one of these films in a … Continue reading An Oscar Near-Miss: Short Film with a Giant Heart

Cuba Marks Two 60th Anniversaries

Title image taken on April 19, 1961, shows the Cuban Revolutionary Armed Forces supported by T-34 tanks in counterattack against CIA-trained mercenary troops near Playa Girón during the Bay of Pigs invasion. (Photo: Rumlin) 1. The Bay of Pigs Invasion This past week marked 60 years since a decisive battle took place in Cuba that … Continue reading Cuba Marks Two 60th Anniversaries

The Proven Power of Labor

I recently stumbled upon some videos on YouTube so timely and important I decided to share them here. They present compelling lessons about power of labor, something that might strike some as an oxymoron. Labor? Powerful? It is not a crisis of the capacity of workers to struggle. It is a crisis of union leadership. … Continue reading The Proven Power of Labor

Afternoon by the Lagoon

◼︎MY PERSONAL JOURNEY◻︎DAVID & ME David suggested we drive over today to Wade Oval and the Wade Lagoon by the Cleveland Museum of Art. It's a beautiful spot in Cleveland's University Circle that I have visited many times during and since my childhood.. The weather today was sunny and reasonably warm in the upper 50s … Continue reading Afternoon by the Lagoon