Remembering Mom

My brother, John, posted a short beautiful remembrance of our mother this afternoon on Facebook. She died thirteen years ago today. It was Saturday morning, January 6, 2007. She was 89 years old. I couldn’t say it better than John did.

May Her Soul…

Today is the thirteenth anniversary of my mother’s death. Getting older is a trial because some events seem so very distant and other so very recent. Mom’s passing partakes of both. How did she and I both get so old so quickly? In any case, parents are not a forever thing. If yours are still among us, take the time to know them better while the opportunity is before you! And if your mother or father has passed on to greater glory, you can still have a chat!

May her soul, and the souls of all the departed, through the mercy of God rest in peace.


He posted these pictures and captions as well.

Mom and her brother Ted, probably in mid-1918.


Mom (far right) at age 14 and my grandmother Constance (far left) in Pittsburgh, July 1931. I do not know who the other people are.


Just a guess, but I think this would have been taken when Mom was 16 or 17 years old.


Mom (right) with family friend Emily Clymer at the Halekulani Hotel, on the beach at Waikiki, Hawaii, July 1940. This trip celebrated Mom’s graduation from college. She talked about the adventure from time to time throughout her life. The memory endured, I suspect, because a couple of handsome young men took a shine to her and acted as unofficial sightseeing escorts under the watchful eye of my grandmother and her pal Emily!

Thanks, John!

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