Dare I Say, the Sequel is Out!

I watch a lot of short gay films on YouTube. One of the best is Dare. It was filmed in 2003 by David Brind and Adam Salky, both film students at the time.

The story takes place in high school where two very different students cross paths working together in drama club. Johnny, played by Michael Cassidy, is a popular rich kid playing male lead in the school play but not doing so well with his lines. Ben, played by Adam Fleming, is light boy on the stage crew. He’s withdrawn and a loner without many friends.

These two have very little in common when Ben offers to help Johnny with his lines. Back at Johnny’s house they end up in the swimming pool … and … well, I’ll stop here so as not to spoil the film.

Dare was a huge success with awards and showings at over 50 film festivals worldwide. It was included in a DVD series of short gay films by Strand Releasing and a feature version of the film was also produced (see below). A loyal and enthusiastic fan base lead Brind and Salky to film a sequel. The original cast was assembled and now we see where Johnny and Ben are today, 15 years later.

The Original Film

The Sequel

It’s been a long wait. There were funds to raise and probably a million details but the sequel is finally here. The trailer:

I’ve watched this sequel and love it. Dare now combines the original and sequel as a single film, starting with Part 1 (2003) followed by Part 2 (present day). The original film was good, but now it’s all so much richer seeing the characters as they have evolved. I find myself craving a new sequel. Maybe showing them at 60!

Stream Online or Download

To watch the sequel go to DareShortFilm.com. You’ll be directed to Vimeo On Demand where you can rent the film for 48 hours for streaming at $2.99, or buy it for download at $5.99. It’s available in SD, HD and other formats all at the same price.


The film is (was) also available on a Limited Edition Blu-ray DVD personally autographed by creator David Brind. It may be sold out at the moment and/or temporarily available only in the United States — but check out DareShortFilm.com directly for the latest information and register to receive updates.

A portion of the DVD proceeds support The Trevor Project. It includes both the original and the sequel, plus:

  • Original Screenplay (including deleted lines)
  • “How Not to Direct a Sex Scene” interview with David Brind and Adam Salky
  • Outfest panel clips with Screenwriter and Cast
  • “Chat with Dare Creators”
  • “The Impact of Dare” exclusive video
  • The Official Trailer

Short Sequel to the Sequel

A short ‘sequel to the sequel’ takes place during the pandemic in April 2020. Johnny calls Ben in New York City to see how he’s doing during the COVID lockdown. It’s a short call but hints of a possible future installment in their on-going story. It appears Ben has work lined up and will be returning to Los Angeles where Johnny lives.

This Just In:
Feature Version of Dare Re-Released!

A feature version of Dare was produced in 2009 with different actors and an expanded storyline. It stars Emmy Rossum, Alan Cumming, Sandra Bernahrd, Rooney Mara, and Zach Gilford.

The film has been restored and re-released with a debut showing in Santa Monica, California, on June 27, 2021. It’s also available on iTunes, Amazon, and all digital platforms.

Check out the trailer:

Wait… Before You Go…
Interested in Other LGBT Films?

This page has been visited almost 1,000% more than any other post in my blog, with hits every single day from around the world. Clearly people enjoy LGBT films! If you’d like to see others in addition to Dare, I’ve assembled 35 of my favorite short LGBT films and posted them to my website. The list keeps growing so soon I hope to post a second batch as well. Click below to visit and watch.

I’m also interested in television commercials that feature LGBT themes. A few of these manage to pack as much quality and power into a minute or two as the best short films. A Kodak ad, in particular, comes to mind. You can see these also on my website. Click below to watch.

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