Our 5/28th Anniversary

◼︎MY PERSONAL JOURNEY◻︎DAVID & ME Today marks David's and my 5th wedding anniversary. That makes this our official anniversary in the eyes of justice — but our real anniversary was June 29th at which point we celebrated 28 years together. The law was slow to catch up. This being our Official Legal Day, however, I … Continue reading Our 5/28th Anniversary

An Evening in the Park

◼︎MY PERSONAL JOURNEY◻︎DAVID & ME One of the lovely amenities of Northeast Ohio is the Emerald Necklace, a network of parks surrounding the Greater Cleveland/Akron area. It spans 23,000 acres with over 300 miles of walking, bicycle, and horse trails as well as numerous picnic areas, nature education centers, golf courses, and countless fishing spots. … Continue reading An Evening in the Park

Our Summer Vacation in Harbor Springs

◼︎MY PERSONAL JOURNEY◻︎DAVID & ME It's been three years since my husband, David Lansaw, and I took a vacation away from home. That last time might best be described as escape as we fled Cleveland during the 2016 Republican Convention. As in 2016, our destination this year was Michigan where we rented a delightful cottage … Continue reading Our Summer Vacation in Harbor Springs

The Project from Hell is Done!

◼︎REPRINT FROM JUST SAYIN' 1.0◻︎ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED: FRIDAY, APRIL 11, 2014◼︎MY PERSONAL JOURNEY◻︎DAVID & ME We love our new house — it’s been 16 months already! — but the list of projects is long and growing. This week we finally finished Número Uno: a new shower in the Master Bathroom. A new shower is a pretty … Continue reading The Project from Hell is Done!