The Shame of Ohio Issue 1

Ohio’s Issue 1 is an effort by Republicans (primarily if not exclusively) to sneak in a last-minute rule change ahead of a statewide vote on abortion rights in November. 

What Issue 1 Will Do

For over a hundred years the Ohio Constitution has been amended by a majority vote of 50% plus 1. Issue 1 seeks to change the rules to require a 60% super majority to pass amendments — which is to say that a minority of 41% could block the will of the other 59%. 

Issue 1 would also impose far more onerous petitioning requirements to get a potential amendment on the ballot. The intent is to thwart democracy.

Why Make this Change Now?

The Republicans and others pushing Issue 1 never objected to the majority vote rule — until now. The reason is that a statewide vote will take place in November that could enshrine abortion rights into the Ohio Constitution, something Republicans will stoop to no lengths to try and stop. Suddenly they’ve decided that majority rule (the existing 50% +1 vote requirement) actually represents “special interests” and they claim that outsiders are coming into Ohio to force their “radical agenda” on us.

Issue 1 is a blatant attack on women now. Later it will expand to attack the LGBTQ+ community next. Denying abortion is the immediate goal if they can pass Issue 1. Based on what we see happening around the country, Republicans next have their sights set on the LGBTQ+ community, particularly trans people, their parents and families.

There’s still time. If you live in Ohio, vote NO on Issue 1 this Tuesday, August 8th.

Ohio Sec. of State LaRose admits Issue 1 is about one issue: abortion

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Ohio abortion rights measure makes the November ballot

Posted August 5, 2023

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