No Patience Left: A Rant

◼︎GUEST AUTHOR: ◻︎PATRICK CUSICK Introduction Today I welcome guest author Patrick Cusick. Patrick has worked in public heath for 22 years with the City of Cleveland. I should probably point out that our opinions expressed here are personal and not those of the City. Patrick's career has been preparing for this and similar crises, and … Continue reading No Patience Left: A Rant

It’s Not Like They Didn’t Know

◼︎PANDEMIC I wrote here a few days ago about how the incoming Trump Administration disbanded the White House’s National Security Council Directorate for Global Health Security and Biodefense, slashed CDC funding — and basically dismantling its entire infrastructure and firing its in-house expertise for dealing with a global pandemic. The details and citations are in … Continue reading It’s Not Like They Didn’t Know

Fiddling While Fever Burns

◼︎PANDEMIC The Trump Administration is bungling the Coronavirus response at near-criminal magnitude while POTUS soothes his fragile ego with pathetic displays like this at the CDC on March 6: This kind of foolish and transparent self-aggrandizement, though serious, is actually the least of the government’s failings. The threat of Coronavirus first came into focus … Continue reading Fiddling While Fever Burns