Out of the Studio & Onto the Stage

By Scott T. Bibbs

I do have fond memories of Pride ’89. I was more involved through our GayWaves interviews than I was in the actual planning and execution of the event. I remember how enthusiastic everyone was when they came down to the station for their chance to talk about what was coming.

My partner (now husband) Ron was marching in the parade to West 29th with BWMT, and I remember the cheers and jubilation when the marchers turned the corner and the celebration really began. [This would have been the following year, 1990. – Bob Laycock]

I was amazed at how many members of the community came out. Everyone seemed to realize that this was a special occasion and wanted to be part of it.

GayWaves started in the mid-80s on WRUW-FM — and continues to this day, airing Thursdays 2-3 PM.

On a personal note, I have to say that I was floored when I was asked to emcee part of the festivities. I was only a voice on the radio for most of the attendees, but I recall introducing myself by name and then saying something like “you may know me better if I say ‘Welcome to GayWaves.’” The fact that people applauded was a lesson I can never forget. Looking back, I realize the importance of radio at that time in people’s lives. There was no internet, no social media, the only recurring sources of information for the LGBT community was via The Chronicle or radio. To know that people listened and cared gave me both perspective and focus. It opened my eyes to the diversity within our community and showed me how strong we can be when we put aside whatever manufactured differences we may think we have and come together for a single purpose.

I will always be grateful to my fellow broadcasters and those trailblazing men and women who made the event happen and to those who carry it forward.

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I don’t know whether he liked it, but we gave Scott an honorary title: ‘The Mellifluous One.” He had the perfect voice for radio and helped make GayWaves on Case Western Reserve’s WRUW-FM 91.1 a huge success. I worked with Scott on the show from the mid-to-late 1980s. These days the show streams online.