A Note About Copyright

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I do not own the rights to any LGBT film embedded at my blog or on my website. None of these videos have been downloaded to my servers. Each streams from servers at YouTube or Vimeo. 

I’ve limited my selection to videos where a person or entity directly associated with the production has posted it to YouTube or Vimeo — film company, writer, director, producer, actor — where sharing is enabled, and where Google or Vimeo have not blocked the video based on a copyright claim. I am taking this as implied permission. If I’m mistaken and someone wants their work removed from my blog or website, please submit the form on my Fine Print page (button below). I will respond within 24 hours.

These videos are posted here strictly for visitors’ education and enjoyment, which is my sole benefit. My blog and website are my personal hobby and non-commercial. I receive no monetary or other material remuneration.

My original narratives here are ©2016-2021 Robert C. Laycock. You can learn more on my Fine Print page and contact me from there.

OK, enough with the legalese! Have fun!

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