2 + 2 = $1 Gazillon

A lot of people — too many in my opinion — hang on Trump’s every word. On one level that’s fine. Everyone has a right to follow whomever they choose. But I find it disturbing how little discernment his followers exercise in evaluating his claims and assertions. This afternoon Trump posted the following on his Truth Social platform. He previously made these same assertions outside … Continue reading 2 + 2 = $1 Gazillon

Biden’s Problem is Capitalism

A new NYT/Siena poll shows Biden trailing Trump badly in a number of key battleground states: Nevada, Georgia, Arizona, Michigan and Pennsylvania. Considering Trump’s deep deficits, up to and including advocating termination of the Constitution, it seems bewildering that Biden can trail Trump so badly. On paper, Biden has been an enormously successful president. As listed in Vox: An impressive list! However, the operative words here are “on paper.” All … Continue reading Biden’s Problem is Capitalism

New House Speaker Johnson: A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

When I watched the new House Speaker Mike Johnson deliver his first speech yesterday I was struck by how personable and likable he seemed. He was actually nice, although he made a few too many religious references for my taste. I have nothing against religion per se, but I’m wary of those who overemphasize it. That’s usually cover for very unchristian positions. As I’ve learned … Continue reading New House Speaker Johnson: A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

Why ‘Don’t Say Gay’ is Cruel

I stumbled upon this TED Talk yesterday. Tim Ramsey, founder of Just Like Us, gave this talk in 2019. It’s more timely now than ever! In these few intervening years we’ve seen an explosion of ‘Don’t Say Gay’ laws, book bans, and anti-trans legislation exploding across the country. Ramsey described the isolation LGBTQ+ youth faced then — now magnified in the expanding cruelty being inflicted these … Continue reading Why ‘Don’t Say Gay’ is Cruel

Hypocrisy on Steroids

The new Hunter Biden indictments lay bare the glaring hypocrisy of Republicans. I say this while having no objection personally to these indictments or others that may follow. Nor do I object to indictments or impeachment of Joe Biden — if warranted and based on verifiable facts.  A couple things stand out with the Hunter Biden indictments: It’s beyond me how Republicans can speak and … Continue reading Hypocrisy on Steroids

News of Note

It tuns out that Shakespeare is too woke… Tampa Bay TimesHillsborough schools cut back on Shakespeare, citing new Florida rules …and apparently so is Jesus. National Public RadioHe was a top church official who criticized Trump. He says Christianity is in crisis Posted August 10, 2023 Continue reading News of Note

The Shame of Ohio Issue 1

Ohio’s Issue 1 is an effort by Republicans (primarily if not exclusively) to sneak in a last-minute rule change ahead of a statewide vote on abortion rights in November.  What Issue 1 Will Do For over a hundred years the Ohio Constitution has been amended by a majority vote of 50% plus 1. Issue 1 seeks to change the rules to require a 60% super … Continue reading The Shame of Ohio Issue 1

News of Note

Bad news in Florida… The Hill …but good news in Tennessee: The GuardianTwo of expelled ‘Tennessee Three’ Democrats win back their seats Posted August 4, 2023 Continue reading News of Note