Love is the Joy of the Good

Plato wrote that “Love is the joy of the good…” I can’t think of a better title for today’s Gay Video of the Week. It certainly captures that spirit.

Everyday is a Great Day

MarkE Miller has had a “vlog” — a video blog — on YouTube since 2012. Currently he has 672,000 subscribers. I don’t recall when I first stumbled on his page, but after discovering him I subscribed and kept watching. It certainly helped that he’s cute and buff, but I’ve also found his videos consistently upbeat and positive, interesting and beautifully shot as his videography skills have developed over time. His tagline has been “Everyday is a Great Day.” He even has a page on IMDb.

My other attraction to Mark has been that he hails from my husband’s hometown, Ft. Wayne, Indiana. He lived and vlogged from Ft. Wayne for years until later moving to Bloomington, Los Angeles, and now Nashville.

Since 2013 Mark has been partners with Ethan Hethcote, who also has a YouTube channel, now with 263,000 subscribers. They’ve had a few bumps and a brief kind-of-separation while living in Los Angeles, but they’re a great couple. Their love and joy with one another is infectious.

A Celebration of Love

Back in 2015, Shawn Reed, another YouTuber, celebrated Mark & Ethan’s 2nd Anniversary with a masterful compilation of Mark’s videos. I don’t think there’s anything to match the video you’ll see here. The outpouring of comments on YouTube is testament to this.

Sit back, crank up the volume and enjoy a delightful 23 minutes.

Title image is video screen grab.

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