2 + 2 = $1 Gazillon

A lot of people — too many in my opinion — hang on Trump’s every word. On one level that’s fine. Everyone has a right to follow whomever they choose. But I find it disturbing how little discernment his followers exercise in evaluating his claims and assertions.

This afternoon Trump posted the following on his Truth Social platform. He previously made these same assertions outside the Manhattan courtroom during his fraud trail.

It only takes a few minutes’ research to reveal the absurdity of Trump’s claim that Mar-a-Lago is worth 50 to 100 times the $18 million stated in court.

Think about it…

Mar-a-Lago is 17 acres. Not far away, Disney World’s Magic Kingdom is 107 acres — just the Magic Kingdom alone, not including Epcot, etc.

The Magic Kingdom is valued at $507 million. If Mar-a-Lago was expanded about 6 times to match the physical size of the Magic Kingdom, it would only total about $110 million — by straight math: $18 million x 6, then rounded up. Not fair? Too simplistic?

Well, consider that Disney’s domestic U.S. parks earned $5.4 billion in the quarter ending September 30th. That’s all their parks, not just the Magic Kingdom. Disney doesn’t release numbers broken down by individual park. But still, that’s $5.4 billion in just 3 months! I doubt that Mar-a-Lago’s annual membership fees come anywhere close to Magic Kingdom’s share of that $5.4 billion three-month total.

So, looking at Trump’s claim:

  • At 50 times the $18 million figure, Mar-a-Lago’s 17 acres (with buildings, pool, etc.) would be valued at $900 million.
  •  At 100 times the $18 million figure, Mar-a-Lago would be valued at $1.8 billion.

Again… The Magic Kingdom with its enormous guest traffic (17 million visitors in 2022) and revenue, is just a measly $507 million.

Trump’s exaggeration should come as no surprise. He lies about pretty much everything, and that’s giving him wide benefit of the doubt. I think it’s sad, but it wouldn’t matter — except for the utterly devastating consequences he will rain down on us if reelected.

Posted November 10, 2023

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